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Building Synapses of Transatlantic AI Cooperation

Spring 2020

Embassy of Canada
in Montréal in Berlin

Join the GCC 2019/20 LinkedIn group "AIQ – Canada's and Germany's Artificial Intelligence Quotient", share your vision on the future AI in Canada and Germany and influence the program of the second GCC event on AI in 2020 through your contributions to the discussion.
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Conference Theme
AI in Aerospace
As the second installment of the GCC mini-series "AIQ – Canada's and Germany's Artificial Intelligence Quotient", the GCC 2020 will resume the discussion of GCC 2019 on Building Synapses of Transatlantic AI Cooperation. The focus of the upcoming conference will be AI in the aerospace industry.

AI in Aerospace Industry

According to a recent Boston Consulting Group / Aéro Montréal study, the aerospace sector is not up to speed in adopting Artificial Intelligence in comparison to other industries, but it notes a shift towards launching AI initiatives. The study identifies four main drivers which positively influence an industry's inclination to adopt AI in their processes and business models: Frequency of customer interaction / Generation of customer data; Value of uncertainty / Need for trend predictions; Speed of decision; Structural flexibility.

The automotive industry is well underway to base their business models on AI-enabled technologies. (Semi-) Autonomous driving, automatic maintenance and mobility as a service are a few examples where AI is disrupting the automobile industry today.

The aerospace sector has grasped the potential of AI and there are growing numbers of single-use applications as well as a few end-to-end applications; we are starting to see how AI is impacting and transforming the aerospace industry.

The aerospace industry embraces all activities and services related to aircraft and spacecraft and consists of various stakeholders in governments, corporations, agencies (civil and defense) as well as research institutes and more and more start-ups. Key tasks within the industry are project development, manufacturing and construction, operations, education and training and related research activities. Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning have entered all these fields; they have the potential to be a game changer.

Thematic Focus GCC 2020

The GCC 2020 will put a focus on the following AI-related and machine learning aspect in the aerospace domain:

  • Mission autonomy and robotics – Enabler to support autonomy in space and aeronautical missions. Examples include:

    • Autonomous (formation) flying of unmanned aerial vehicles or satellite constellations, complexity of mission tasking and situational awareness;
    • Deep space exploration with reduced real-time human interaction

  • Operation and maintenance of aerospace systems -- Optimized prediction of operation parameters to improve mission efficiency and safety. Examples include:

    • Better prediction of power or fuel consumption of an aircraft / spacecraft;
    • Air(space) traffic management to reduce risk of collisions;
    • Anomaly / failure detection and maintenance prediction in complex aerospace systems by means of deep learning;
    • Logistics of aerospace, optimization of handling activities;
    • Training of operators

  • Mission data analysis – Use of deep learning to assess huge amounts of mission data and to recognize patterns. Examples include:

    • Autonomous analysis of satellite / drone imaging;
    • Object detection in sensor data

The GCC aims to be at the forefront of an emerging innovative development and to reflect the German-Canadian context. The topic of the 2020 event has therefore been chosen deliberately to pave the way for cooperation between Canada and Germany in an evolving field of AI. The topic builds on previous GCC conference themes: Cooperation in the Space Sector (2013), Ocean Data Analytics and space-based and airborne data collection (2016), Autonomous Flying (2017), Artificial Intelligence with a focus on autonomous mobility (2019).
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