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Announcement – GCC 2019


Building Synapses of Transatlantic AI Cooperation

21 February 2019
McCarthy Tétrault
Embassy of Canada
in Montréal in Berlin

November 2019

Embassy of Canada
in Toronto in Berlin

Details will follow shortly.

Join the GCC 2019 LinkedIn group "AIQ – Canada's and Germany's Artificial Intelligence Quotient", share your vision on the future AI in Canada and Germany and influence the program of the two upcoming GCC events in 2019 through your contributions to the discussion.
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Conference Theme
The discussion about the potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) currently experiences a renaissance in various fields of innovation. In conjunction with rapid developments in the information technology sector, AI promises unprecedented possibilities to automate decision-making processes, to give new insight into big data, to increase the degree of autonomy in transportation and manufacturing and to enhance the human-machine interaction. AI, understood as the employment of a "device and/or software that perceives its environment and autonomously takes actions that maximize its chance of successfully achieving its goals", is expected to bring an economic benefit to industries relying on automatization and data exploitation. It further has the potential to provide social participation to groups with limited access to innovation in rural and remote areas. If rolled out consequently, AI will have a significant impact on the way our industries and societies will function in the near future.

The 2019 German Canadian Concourse (GCC) will capture an overview of applications of AI in various fields. While the GCC can by far not cover all aspects of AI, it aims at addressing the most relevant disciplines for Canada and Germany and takes a close look at technological challenges and innovative potential, economic benefits, regulatory framework, political initiatives and societal/sociological impacts. The growing relevance of Artificial Intelligence in different domains of innovation will be reflected by devoting two symposia, one in February (GCC 2019/1) and one in November (GCC 2019/2), to the discussion of AI.

Both GCC 2019 conferences will investigate the readiness of Germany's and Canada's industry and research infrastructure for more Artificial Intelligence and their approaches to implement AI into core industrial and societal processes. We will compare initiatives paving the way to increase the "Artificial Intelligence Quotient", AIQ, of the two countries and we will look into economic opportunities for business applications related to AI. As always, the GCC will contrast visions with concerns, technological state of the art with policies; the GCC will showcase existing cooperation between Canada and Germany on the subject-matter and it will help identifying potential for future transatlantic collaboration. The discussion will be along the following pillars:

  • Technology cooperation – Existing industrial and research collaboration and areas for expansion
  • Commercialization and entrepreneurial eco-systems – Business models and economic opportunity for growth in new and related business eco-systems
  • Political setting – Comparison of governmental initiatives to foster AI and related funding schemes
  • Regulatory aspects and security – Comparison of legislation and regulations in both countries
  • Social and environmental impact – Social acceptance and benefit, social participation

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