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Live Stream: GCC 2023 – Airtificial Intelligence in Aerospace
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Live stream starts 30 November 2023, 8:30am EST / 14:30 CET

Conference Brochure 2023
Virtual Networking Chatrrom
The outreach to conversation partners at a Concourse Hub across the Atlantic is facilitated through two virtual chatrooms. During networking lunches and coffee breaks, the GCC community is invited to experiment with the chatrooms and to engage in virtual transatlantic networking.
Chatroom – General Networking
Th chatroom is open for general transatlantic networking, not necessarily focussed on this year's GCC topic.

Use this chatroom to meet counterparts interested in expanding German-Canadian cooperation.
Chatroom – Artificial Intelligence in Aerospace
The chatroom is open for an exchange on the GCC 2023 conference topic "AI in Aerospace".

Use this chatroom to discuss your experiences in the field of AI and aerospace meet potential partners for collaborations.
The GCC Match-Making Process
Match-Making The German Canadian Concourse is about match-making.

Bringing together German and Canadian thought leaders from topic-matter relevant industries, academic institutions and the public sector during the daylong event creates a unique opportunity to generate transatlantic linkages between participants.

Provided in part by the Transatlantic Symposium format, which uses a live video-link connecting the German and Canadian Concourse Hubs, the GCC also offers a custom match-making service built into the conference itself. As part of this service, participant profiles generated during the registration are used to connect matched parties ad-hoc using video booths to bridge the Atlantic whenever required.

Participants are offered the option to have their personal profiles included into a follow-up on potential transatlantic opportunities.

Be a part of the match-making – use the virtual chatrooms ...



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