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Energy Efficiency in Transportation
The first edition of German Canadian Concourse took place on 12-October-2012 at the premises of the Embassy of Canada in Berlin.
German Canadian Concourse
The Concourse focussed on the topic "Energy Efficiency in Transportation".
The launch of the conference series German Canadian Concourse (GCC) was devoted to the topic of "Energy Efficiency in Transportation".

Energy Efficiency is an important topic which will receive increasing global attention in the future. Faced with limited natural resources and a growing demand for mobility and global trade, the transportation sector is challenged to develop alternative approaches guaranteeing mobility while saving the resources that are building the basis for our environmental and economic prosperity. Today's national and international regulations, technical innovations and industrial initiatives will shape our future of how we will be travelling and exchanging goods.
The first GCC addressed key aspects of sustainable transportation. The Canada Meets Germany Alumni Forum invited representatives from the transport industry and federal governmental to discuss various viewpoints in relation with the topic.

The event asked several questions: Which initiatives are put forward by companies and legislators in regard to energy-saving transportation systems? Who are the main players? Which countries are using energy-saving transportation? What are the next steps on international base to implement those systems?

Mobility is a major prerequisite for a transatlantic network between Canada and Germany. The Canada Meets Germany community was therefore very keen on discussing todays's answers on tomorrow's questions on how to satisfy our need for mobility while preserving our ressources.
German Canadian Concourse
CMG-AF is committed to sustainability for the organization of the GCC 2012. CO2 certificates have been used to compensate for any CO2 emission that could not be avoided during the organization of the event and to offset the carbon footprint of the audience travelling to the conference venue.
Atmosfair certificate
The certiciate has been purchased from atmosfair by greenstorming - agency for sustainable event management.
Embassy of Canada to Germany
Field Trip
The field trip is an integral part of the German Canadian Concourse. It consists of a visit to an institution / company possessing relevant expertise and experience in the issues being discussed. This component allows for a more practical approach to the topic.

The first GCC visited Siemens' Schaltanlagenwerk (switchgear manufacturing plant) in Berlin.
Conference Session
The core element of the German Canadian Concourse is a conference session for a more theoretical approach to the topic. It provides participants with an opportunity to exchange views on topical (transatlantic) issues.

Speakers from different sectors of the transportation industry along with governmental representatives have been invited to discuss initiatives aiming for more sustainability in transportation.

The speakers were given the opportunity to present the innovative and regulatory approaches of their respective organizations.

The conference part took place at the Canada Room of the Embassy of Canada to Germany in Berlin.
"Evolution of Mobility and Mega Trends"

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Mr. Christoph Schwärzler
CSR Director

Bombardier Transportation
"A Regulatory View of Energy Efficiency in Transportation in Canada"

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Ms. Sheila Coutts
Economic Counselor

Embassy of Canada
"Trends in Climate Protection and their Implications for the Automotive Industry"

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Dr. Martin Koers
Head of Department Economy and Strategy

Verband der Automobilindustrie
German Canadian Concourse
Panel discussion on
"Energy Efficiency in Transportation"

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Mr. Julian Herwig

Gemeinnützige Hertie-Stiftung
The German Canadian Concourse is a forum for exchange on topics of relevance for professionals with German-Canadian relations. Networking is a key element of this exchange.

The conference session of the GCC 2012 was concluded through a reception at the Arnecke Siebold offices in Berlin.
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Embassy of Canada to Germany
arts in translation
Arnecke Siebold


The GCC Match-Making Process
Match-Making The German Canadian Concourse is about match-making.

Bringing together German and Canadian thought leaders from topic-matter relevant industries, academic institutions and the public sector during the daylong event creates a unique opportunity to generate transatlantic linkages between participants.

Provided in part by the Transatlantic Symposium format, which uses a live video-link connecting the German and Canadian Concourse Hubs, the GCC also offers a custom match-making service built into the conference itself. As part of this service, participant profiles generated during the registration are used to connect matched parties ad-hoc using video booths to bridge the Atlantic whenever required.

Participants are offered the option to have their personal profiles included into a follow-up on potential transatlantic opportunities.

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