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As chairman of the German-Canadian Parliamentary Friendship Group, I embrace the German Canadian Concourse as it fosters and deepens the relationship between Canada and Germany. The conference gives experts in different fields the chance to share their perspectives, facilitate or further cooperation and therefore strengthen the transatlantic network. Due to the excellent testimonials by the attendees of the GCC, I strongly recommend professionals from Canada and Germany to participate. I'm sure both our countries will greatly benefit from the GCC.
Press Releases
Halifax/Berlin, 28 November 2016

An Ocean of Collaborative Opportunities
Transatlantic conference 'German-Canadian Concourse' connects maritime ventures in Germany and Canada

English     German

Halifax/Berlin, 03 November 2016

Taking German-Canadian Cooperation to the Ocean
Transatlantic conference 'German-Canadian Concourse' boosting innovative collaboration on Ocean Data Analytics

English     German

Halifax/Berlin, 11 October 2016

Across the Data Pond
Transatlantic conference format 'German-Canadian Concourse' takes a dive into Ocean Analytics

English     German
Canadian Patron
Her Excellency
Marie Gervais-Vidricaire

Ambassador of Canada in Germany

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Her Excellency Marie Gervais-Vidricaire

German Patron
His Excellency
Werner Wnendt

Ambassador of Germany in Canada

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His Excellency Werner Wnendt

Canada Meets Germany Network
Dr. Matthias Mück

President of the Canada Meets Germany Network

Chairman of the German Canadian Concourse

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Matthias Mueck

GCC Logo
Previous Activities
How eHealthy are Canada and Germany?
GCC-2015 Logo
On November 20, 2015, the Embassy of Canada in Berlin and McCarthy Tétrault in Toronto welcomed the participants of the German Canadian Concourse for a conference on digitalization of health care. Operating with two Concourse Hubs, the Concourse provided the traditional transatlantic session which invited speakers from the eHealth sector to discuss over video link the topic:

"How eHealthy are Canada and Germany?"

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GCC on Cooperation in Space
GCC-2013 Logo
On November 15, 2013, the Embassy of Canada in Berlin and Environment Canada in Gatineau welcomed the participants of the German Canadian Concourse for a conference on cooperation between Canada and Germany in space. Organized as a transatlantic session, speakers from the sector discussed at the two locations – connected via a video link – the topic:

"Going Transatlantic through Space".

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Transatlantic Start-UpSurge
GCC-2014 Logo
On November 21, 2014, the Embassy of Canada in Berlin and Multiplicity Accelerator in Toronto welcomed the participants of the German Canadian Concourse for a conference on start-up ecosystems in Canada and Germany. Organized as a transatlantic session, speakers from the sector discussed at the two locations – connected via a video link – the topic:

"Transatlantic Start-UpSurge".

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Energy Efficieny in Transportation
GCC-2012 Logo
The pilot conference of the German Canadian Concourse was held on October 12, 2012 at the Embassy of Canada to Germany in Berlin.

The GCC 2012 was on the topic of

"Energy Efficiency in Transportation".

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Greetings from the Canadian Patron of the GCC
Her Excellency Marie Gervais-Vidricaire

Her Excellency
Marie Gervais-Vidricaire

Ambassador of Canada in Germany

« Canada and Germany have strong political, cultural and academic linkages, underpinned by healthy commercial relations. This fruitful partnership is the result of the commitment of Germans and Canadians to the promotion of bilat-eral exchange relating to all areas of society.

The German Canadian Concourse (GCC) is a prime example of the commitment of professional leaders from Canada and Germany who share an interest in and enthusiasm for advancing relations between our two countries. I am pleased to be the patron of the Concourse, which is a platform for exchange on topics of relevance to Germany and Canada. Initiated in 2012 by the Canada Meets Germany Network, the GCC gathers experts on an annual basis to discuss an issue of current bilateral interest.
The program includes a transatlantic conference session (co-hosted at Kanada Haus, the premises of the Embassy of Canada in Berlin, with a video link to a co-host institution in Canada) and a "field trip" to a partner organization to enrich the participants' understanding of the conference theme.

Economic relations across the Atlantic are strong. Germany is one of the most important trading partners for Canada in Europe. And there is room for more trade. The historic Canada-EU Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) is by far Canada's most ambitious trade initiative, broader in scope and deeper in ambition than the historic North American Free Trade Agreement, which was concluded more than 20 years ago. The Canadian and German governments are looking forward to a speedy ratification of CETA.
This year the Embassy of Canada celebrates 10 years at its central location on Leipziger Platz in Berlin. We are very proud that our Embassy has become a forum for the exchange of ideas at a location which, until 25 years ago, was "no man's land" between East and West during the Cold War. Over the past decade, we have welcomed more than 100,000 visitors to discuss German-Canadian relations and to celebrate Canada's contribution to the world.

It is our honour to host the German Canadian Concourse. Based on the positive response from participants and speakers at previous Concourses, I warmly encourage the involvement of German and Canadian professionals in the Con-course to fuel constructive dialogue and to expedite bilateral projects.

Welcome to the German Canadian Concourse at Kanada Haus! »

Greetings from the German Patron of the GCC
« Dear friends and supporters of the German Canadian Concourse,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

With the conference series German Canadian Concourse the inter-disciplinary Canada Meets Germany network offers a great chance and opportunity for exchange on economic, political, scientific and cultural subjects. It brings together corporate and institutional decision-makers from various fields to discuss current topics in a literal transatlantic setting. As such the German Canadian Concourse is a prime network opportunity.

The topics of the past conferences – opportunities for Canadian and German ventures, cooperation in the space sector and energy efficiency in transportation – are very relevant to both Canada and Germany. The Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Canada experiences every day how intense the relations between Canada and Germany are and I am very pleased to see that the German Canadian Concourse helps to strengthen it even further.
His Excellency Werner Wnendt

His Excellency
Werner Wnendt

Ambassador of the Federal Republic
of Germany in Canada

It gives me therefore great pleasure to be the patron of the German Canadian Concourse which has established itself as an innovative and successful platform for encounters between professionals with an interest in relations between Canada and Germany.

I wish the organizers and participants all the best for a successful German Canadian Concourse »

Greetings from the Chairman of the GCC
« Canadian-German relations are manifold and have an important part in the transatlantic exchange. Germany and Canada have established over many decades a fruitful partnership in the fields of business, technology, research, culture and politics. Canadian-German initiatives have an influence on European and North-American cooperation; yet, they do not receive the public attention they deserve.

The German Canadian Concourse (GCC) actively illustrates the various facets of the German-Canadian partnership. By highlighting specific areas of this transatlantic cooperation, the GCC is contributing to a better awareness of the importance of the relations between Germany and Canada and initiates fruitful discussions about future bilateral projects.

Despite the geographical distance and the embedment into different ecosystems, both countries share on many levels similar political, economic and societal challenges; those common challenges are filling the theme pool for the Concourse. Canada, for instance, follows with interest Germany's Energiewende project as the availability of and demand for renewable energies are on the rise. On a social level, Canada's immigration policy has recently become a subject of debate on how it can serve as role model for a revision of Germany's immigration act.
Matthias Mueck Dr. Matthias Mück

President of the Canada Meets Germany Network

Chairman of the German Canadian Concourse

With the upcoming ratification and implementation of the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) between Canada and the European Union, the German-Canadian partnership will gain again in importance. Canada's strategic role for European companies as a springboard to the North-American market will grow, while Canada will expand its cooperation with Europe. This coalescence process will be benefitted by German-Canadian linkages and the German Canadian Concourse will play its part in maintaining and growing these connections.

With the organization of annual events, the GCC brings together people who share a common interest in a range of bilateral topics and who are motivated to put the theme in a Canadian-German context. Driven by this idea, the Concourse has contributed to diverse experts' dialogues on transatlantic start-up ecosystems, technology cooperation in space, energy efficiency aspects in transportation – to name but a few.
The GCC is recognized as a prime forum to explore current trends in both economies, to gain insight into latest policies, to receive information on social initiatives and to expand professional networks. The Concourse has a track record of connecting business partners at its conferences and has facilitated the transatlantic endeavours of Canadian and German start-ups.

The transatlantic character of the German Canadian Concourse is underlined through running the conference simultaneously at two hubs, in Berlin and in Toronto, both sessions being interlinked via video conference, jointly moderated and broadcast to the internet. This literal transatlantic dialogue allows the participation of a much larger audience and guarantees a representative reflection of views from both sides of the Atlantic.

In this sense, the German Canadian Concourse is a unique platform to grasp the real-time transatlantic dialogue.

We are looking forward to welcoming you at the next German Canadian Concourse. »



The GCC Match-Making Process
Match-Making The German Canadian Concourse is about match-making.

Bringing together German and Canadian thought leaders from topic-matter relevant industries, academic institutions and the public sector during the daylong event creates a unique opportunity to generate transatlantic linkages between participants.

Provided in part by the Transatlantic Symposium format, which uses a live video-link connecting the German and Canadian Concourse Hubs, the GCC also offers a custom match-making service built into the conference itself. As part of this service, participant profiles generated during the registration are used to connect matched parties ad-hoc using video booths to bridge the Atlantic whenever required.

Participants are offered the option to have their personal profiles included into a follow-up on potential transatlantic opportunities.

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